The Best Dog Blankets For Snuggly, Cozy Dogs

Roxy with Dog Blanket Snuggie

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We’re HUGE fans of blankets in this house. I mean, we’d pretty much have to be, first living in Alaska and now Colorado! In a list of our must-have dog supplies, a warm, cozy dog blanket is right near the top. 

Not a day goes by that we aren’t snuggled up in one blanket or another. Especially Roxy! She loves to burrow underneath a fluffy blanket after coming in from a potty break on frigid mornings.

In fact, she’s our expert on finding the coziest blankets. Dogs and blankets just GO together. Here’s a list of the best blankets for your dog to cuddle with!

Why You Should Use A Dog Blanket

Dog throws are great for keeping your dog warm and toasty on chilly winter days. They’re magic at keeping dog hair off your furniture, too!

Get dog blankets for sofa use to keep it clean. It’s so much easier to just grab the blanket and toss it in the wash than to vacuum or steam clean the couch.

Many dogs find blankets to be oh so comfortable and adore burrowing under them for an inviting afternoon snooze session.

The Best Fuzzy Dog Blanket

The PetAmi Deluxe Dog Blanket is a high-quality sherpa lining and microfiber fleece that is reversible. The different textures on each side provide a nice, luxurious look.

This pet throw blanket features soft, plush fabric that will keep you warm and cozy while your pet sleeps comfortably on your sofa or bed.

The Coziest Quilted Dog Blanket

PetFusion makes a great blanket that protects your sofa from scratching, clawing, chewing, & unwanted pet hair. It’s nice and quilted, which keeps the inside filling from shifting.

The light gray color matches well with most decor. Plus, it’s soft and warm so your dog will love it!

The Best Heated Blanket for Dogs

A dog warming blanket is wonderful for dogs with joint issues, injuries, or arthritis. Even dogs with thyroid problems can benefit from a heated dog blanket as one of the symptoms of thyroid is cold intolerance. 

It’s important to get a heated blanket made specifically for dogs. Heated blankets for humans can get too hot for your dog, which could cause burns.

You also want to keep an eye on your dog when using any electrical item like the heated blanket. If your dog likes to randomly chew on things like cords, it’s best to use this only when you’re able to watch them closely. 

The RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad is one of the best rated heated dog mats on Amazon. It has 7 layers of protection to keep your dog warm without overheating.

With a 12 hour timer, it’ll keep your dog toasty and comfortable through the night.

This heated blanket has a chew-resistant cord, which helps for most dogs. For an added benefit, the cover is removable and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning!

The Best Cheap Dog Blankets

Comsmart Pet Fleece Blankets are a budget-friendly option of small dog blankets. This six-pack of super soft and snuggly fleece blankets are great for small dogs.

They’re a bit on the thin side, so they are ideal for days when there’s only just a bit of a chill in the air. They work great even in southern climates where the AC can be chilly to some dogs. It’s also perfect for dogs that get overheated easily.

With this many blankets, you can leave one in each room for your dog.

Don’t need quite that many blankets? Consider donating any extras to your local pet rescue, as they always need dog fleece blankets!

The Snuggie

Okay, so maaaaybe the Snuggie isn’t exactly made for dogs, and maybe it’s been the subject of many jokes. But I can’t deny it’s worth!

It’s the coziest blanket I’ve had, and Roxy’s personal favorite snuggle blanket. In fact, my mom had to surprise me with a replacement one after Roxy totally hijacked my original one for herself!

The length of this can cover an entire sofa, or can be wrapped around a chilly dog.

Or, if your pup is as skilled as Roxy, they can pull it off the sofa and push their head through the sleeve and walk around like that!


The Best Waterproof Dog Blanket

A reliable waterproof dog blanket is essential when you have a puppy that isn’t quite as reliably housetrained as you’d like.

It’s also super helpful with senior dogs that may be struggling with incontinence or having accidents due to illness.

This PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for bed is made with cozy, soft sherpa and fleece to make it enticing for your dog to lay on.

The waterproof membrane underneath will keep your carpet or sofa clean if your dog has an accident while laying on it.

The Best Dog Couch Cover

Even though it’s not a blanket,  this Sofa Shield Reversible Slipcover pet couch cover makes your life so much easier and cleaner!

The thick, plush filling provides maximum comfort for your family while keeping dog hair off the sofa. It’s machine-washable and comes in a huge range of colors and sizes.

This pet sofa cover will keep your home looking upscale and cozy while keeping dog hair to a minimum!

For more tips and tricks to minimize dog shedding, read here!

The Best Cooling Dog Mat

Dogs who live in a warm, summery climate could benefit from a cooling blanket for dogs.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat doesn’t use electricity and instead is filled with gel to keep your dog cool for up to 3 hours. The heat then dissipates and it’s ready to cool again after around fifteen minutes of non-use.

Because it’s filled with gel inside, watch your dogs that are chewers around it. The gel is non-toxic, but it’s best not to take the risk.

Since this isn’t electric, you can set it anywhere your dog likes to lay. That includes a shady spot under a tree while you lounge next to them with a good book! Sounds like a perfect day for both you and your dog, right?!

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Does your dog like to cuddle under a blanket? What kind is their favorite? Share below and pin this for later!

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