How CBD Oil Can Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy

CBD oil for dog health and wellness

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It’s tough having an anxious dog, especially since we can’t explain away scary things to soothe their anxiety. 

For my boy Rico, traveling in the car on road trips can have him on edge. Not to mention the scary fireworks of July 4th and New Year’s Eve

CBD oil is fantastic for dogs with anxiety. It can help reduce the anxiety that many dogs suffer from, and keep them happy and healthy. It also has a bunch of other great health perks. Read more about the benefits of CBD for dogs below!

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a non-psychoactive oil that’s made from low-THC hemp. That means if you’re wondering about the potential of CBD oil get you high, it doesn’t get you or your dog high! No worries there! 

It’s one of over 85 cannabinoids currently identified within the cannabis plant. It has great benefits, and doesn’t make your pup high or drugged. Some of the positive aspects of CBD oil are:

  • CBD oil can reduce anxiety 
  • It can help dogs suffering from seizures or epilepsy.
  • The oil can assist with various neurological disorders.
  • It can support the dog’s brain receptors with pain inhibition.

What’s The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Trying to understand CBD oil vs. hemp oil can be quite confusing! They are both extracted from the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. 

CBD oil is a chemical compound that is one of over a hundred contained in low-THC versions of the cannabis sativa plant. The fact that it’s low-THC is why it doesn’t make your dog high and that’s what makes it safe for your dog.

It’s often combined with hemp oil as a carrier. See more about the benefits of hemp oil here!

CBD Oil for Cancer 

According to the National Cancer Institute, studies suggest cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by blocking cancerous cell growth, causing diseased cell death, and inhibiting the development of tumorous blood vessels. That’s very promising for dogs dealing with cancer. 

We gave our girl Ginger CBD oil when she was fighting cancer. It definitely seemed to help with her pain, especially once she became a Tripawd after her leg amputation.

CBD oil also helps reduce nausea, which is helpful when many cancer treatments can have nausea as an uncomfortable side effect.

Dog-related cancer studies regarding the specific effects of CBD oil for dog cancer are not very common, but hopefully we’ll see similar outcomes!

CBD Oil For Anxiety

One of the best known uses of CBD oil for dogs is the ability to ease anxiety. CBD works with the body’s endocannibinoid system, which works throughout the nervous system.

It then boosts seratonin levels to calm dogs down and sooth their anxiousness. If your dog has anxiety CBD oil will be great to try!

Click here and read about even more helpful ways to ease your dog’s anxiety!

CBD Oil For Arthritis

Even though studies on dogs haven’t been completed yet on the benefits of CBD oil for arthritis, many owners swear by it. CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, which makes it beneficial for dogs suffering from pain and joint swelling from arthritis.

CBD Oil For Seizures

Another health concern that CBD oil shows promise with are seizures. Owners have reported less frequency and intensity of seizures once they started giving their dog CBD oil regularly. 

Like with arthritis, the benefits of CBD oil for seizures in dogs is largely anecdotal. That’s because studies are difficult and expensive. Thankfully, American Kennel Club is actively working on research, which you can learn about here.

Is CBD Oil Legal For Dogs?

It is totally legal to purchase hemp-derived CBD oil for your dog in all 50 states! The reason it has to be derived from hemp is because hemp has much lower levels of THC than marjuana, which is what makes it safe for dogs.

How Do I Use CBD Oil?

It’s easy! Simply use the dropper to measure and add the CBD oil to their food or drop directly into their mouth. I use the minimum dose for Rico regularly, and increase to 

the maximum dose when I expect high-stress events – like those scary fireworks or long road trips.

I’ve definitely noticed Rico’s stress levels are reduced when I give him the oil. It doesn’t change his personality, but it does take the edge off with situations that would normally make him nervous.

Which Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

There are a ton of great CBD oils available for dogs. We strong fans of King Kanine CBD Oil with Lavender Oil. It’s made with krill oil, which is extremely beneficial for your dog’s health and wellness. 

The lavender oil provides an extra boost of calm to the CBD oil, while still making it nice and easy to put the dose in Rico’s food and he happily eats it. It’s 100% pure and is manufactured in a certified FDA registered facility.

Funny story, though! I make sure to give my pups quality food and supplements, and decided to try their CBD oil myself. I figured since even though was made with krill oil, it would be fine to try it on a salad. OHHH MAN was that fishy taste SUPER STRONG!! 

I guess that’s what makes it so appealing for Roxy & Rico to happily eat. Rico’s a very picky eater, so anything that entices him to finish a meal is a win in my book.

Shop For King Kanine CBD Oil Here

Which Strength Of CBD Oil To Give Your Dog

King Kanine provides a helpful guide on picking the best strength/bottle for your dog. From their FAQs: 

  • Small dog 20 lbs & under should use the 75mg bottle.
  • Medium dog 21 lbs to 50 lbs should use the 150mg bottle.
  • Large dog over 50 lbs should use the 300mg bottle.

They also provide a handy dosing chart so you can determine CBD dosing for dogs, and how much CBD oil to give your dog. They’ll guide you to the ideal CBD oil dose to maximize the health benefits.

What About CBD Treats? 

A fun way to give your dog their dose of CBD oil is with treats infused with it! King Kanine has you and your dog covered. 

Their King Kalm Krunch line of dog treats are baked at a low temperature. They’re then dehydrated to keep the nutritional value and benefits. 

They come in yummy flavors like Blueberry Apple, Organic Cinnamon Summer, and Honey Roasted Almond Flax. Shop for King Kalm Krunch Now!

Canna-Pet is another great option with fun flavors like PB&A (peanut butter & apple), Maple Bacon, and Turkey Dinner. Your dog is sure to find a favorite taste among them to ease their anxiety. 

Organic Advanced Formula Canna-Biscuits – Hemp Dog Biscuits

An Important Note About Using CBD Oil

Now, keep in mind that as amazing as CBD oil sounds combined with all the benefits, it’s not a miracle cure. 

If your dog has been diagnosed with a condition, I highly recommend partnering with your dog’s veterinarian to discuss the best treatment program and how CBD oil can help. 

Some states don’t permit vets to recommend CBD oil, but it’s best to at least make your vet aware!

Also, a pet should never consume medical marijuana itself. Marijuana is dangerous for dogs, and a veterinarian should be consulted if consumption occurs. 

Now that you’ve learned about CBD oil and the benefits, share below if it’s helped your dog!

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