Cute Yoga Dog Names

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Downward dog, up dog, puppy pose – yoga is full of positions named after man’s best friend. If you have an adorable canine companion at home who likes to relax and stretch alongside you during your home yoga practice, you may be looking for a yoga-inspired name that’s as cute as your four-legged yogi.

Naming a dog after a yoga pose is a fun way to combine your love of dogs and yoga. Yoga dogs often exhibit calm, zen-like personalities, so yoga pose names can capture your pup’s mellow essence.

We’ve gathered some of the cutest dog names inspired by common yoga positions. From floral names like Lotus to flows like Vinyasa you’ll find the perfect name for your downward-dogging dog. We’ve included the meanings behind each yoga name and tips on matching different poses to your pup’s personality.

Pregnant Woman Doing Yoga Pose Beside Her Dog

Yoga-Inspired Dog Names

  • Zen – For the most tranquil and peaceful pup.
  • Lotus – Perfect for a dog with a graceful and elegant presence.
  • Namaste – A friendly greeting, symbolizing respect and unity.
  • Karma – Reflecting the idea of cause and effect in doggy life.
  • Yogi – Ideal for a pup who loves to strike a pose.
  • Asana – Signifying the various yoga poses your dog might master.
  • Chakra – A name that embodies balance and energy.
  • Prana – For a dog with a lively and vibrant spirit.
  • Om – A sacred sound representing universal consciousness.
  • Dharma – Reflecting the path and purpose of your loyal companion.
  • Guru – Perfect for a wise and guiding presence in your life.
  • Savasana – The ultimate relaxation pose for a chill dog.
  • Mandala – A name that symbolizes unity and harmony.
  • Sutra – Signifying the threads of wisdom in your dog’s life.
  • Vinyasa – A flowing and graceful name for an agile pup.
  • Shanti – Meaning peace, ideal for a calm and serene dog.
  • Bodhi – For an enlightened and spiritually aware companion.
  • Surya – Symbolizing the radiant energy of the sun.
  • Nirvana – The ultimate state of bliss for your contented dog.
  • Raja – Fit for a regal and majestic canine friend.
  • Ananda – Reflecting joy and happiness in your dog’s presence.
  • Hatha – A traditional yoga style, perfect for a classic pup.
  • Serenity – For a dog that brings peace and calm to your life.
  • Bliss – Perfect for a pup who radiates happiness.
  • Ayurveda – Reflecting holistic wellness and balance.
  • Harmony – Ideal for a dog that brings balance to your world.
  • Ahista – Perfect for a dog that moves with grace and gentleness.
  • Kapala – Signifying the skull, a symbol of impermanence.
  • Satya – Signifying truth and honesty.
  • Purna – Reflecting completeness and fullness.
  • Sthira – For a steady and stable canine companion.
  • Atman – Signifying the individual soul or essence.
  • Vata – For a dog with a light and airy disposition.
  • Ahimsa – Signifying non-violence and compassion.

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