The Cutest Heart-Shaped Dog Treat Recipes EVER!

Heart dog treats

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Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to enjoy with those you love. And our dogs are a central part of our family, so they deserve to join the holiday fun!

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge event in your house, you can still celebrate with these adorable and easy heart-shaped dog treat recipes!

DIY Valentine Treats for Your Dog

These little conversation heart treats are the absolute cutest things ever! I love the idea of using beet or carrot powder for coloring instead of artificial dyes, though.

Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe

One of my favorite ingredients to have in any dog treat recipe is pumpkin!

I’ve written all about how great pumpkin is for dogs before, so I love making Roxy & Rico dog treats that include it. 

These cinnamon pumpkin dog treats look tasty and healthy, while still being easy.

Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter is perfect for Valentine’s Day snacks, or you can use any shape for the rest of the year!

Hearts Of Bacon Valentines Cookies For Dogs

Our boy Rico was a street puppy we found in Puerto Rico, and we had such a difficult time with house training him.

The only thing that helped as a high-value treat was bacon. We still joke that Rico’s love language is bacon!

That’s why I knew I had to make these bacon Valentine’s cookies for him!

While bacon isn’t an ideal treat to give your dog regularly, it’s perfect for a super special snack on occasion.

Frozen Strawberry Smoothie Dog Treat Recipe

These frozen strawberry banana dog treats are so simple!

There are only 2 ingredients, making them a good snack to put together quickly and keep in the freezer.

They’re great for both dogs and humans to enjoy!

Frozen Heart Shaped Chicken Dog Treats

Chicken treats are an ideal way to boost your dog’s protein intake while providing a yummy snack.

This recipe has a couple variations that you can pick depending on your dog’s preferred snack type.

There’s a baked option that can be made in the oven within 30 minutes.

If you’re pressed for time, try the frozen method instead. You can just mix up the ingredients and freeze!

“Stinky Pinky” Salmon Dog Treats

Stinky treats aren’t something that appeals to us humans, but the smell makes them super appealing to our dogs!

Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have so many health benefits!

One dietary addition that’s vitally important is fish oil for dogs. It’s got a ton of nutritional perks that can help dogs of all ages. Click here to learn about the benefits of fish oil for dogs!

Cran-Pumpkin Peanut Butter Oatmeal Homemade Dog Treats

This is another great pumpkin-filled dog treat recipe! It’s made with cranberries and oats.

Cranberries are a great source of beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. They also help support your dog’s urinary system!

Pink and White Puzzle Heart Valentine Dog Treats

Okay, so these puzzle heart dog treats are just incredibly cute and fun!

It uses beetroot powder for coloring, so there are no harsh and unnecessary dyes.

You can try to freehand cut out the puzzle pieces if you’re talented and artsy.

I am so not good at things like that, though. If you’re like me, here’s a cute cookie cutter set that includes the puzzle pieces!

DIY:  Banana Beet Dog Treats

These banana and beet dog treats are another fantastically healthy dog treat that’s sure to please!

This recipe contains only three ingredients – banana, beets, and flour.

Mix the banana and flour together and then the beets and flour and bake. They make such a pretty dog treat!

Beet Valentine’s Day Dog Treat Recipe

If you’re noticing a trend here with beets in recipes, that’s because they’re an easy and healthy way to make pretty pink dog treats without artificial coloring.

Plus, it’s made with peanut butter, which is always a crowd-pleaser in this household!

Note: When making treats for your dog that use peanut butter, make sure to select a brand that is as natural as possible.

Many brands are including xylitol, a sweetener that is extremely deadly to dogs. 
We like Adams Peanut Butter because it’s all-natural and tasty!

Puppy Cake Box Mix

Don’t feel like measuring out a bunch of ingredients for your dog’s Valentine’s Day treat? This box of dog-safe cake mix is perfect!

It’s filled with healthy flavors your dog will love.

Plus, it even comes with a frosting mix so you can decorate your dog’s cake and make it super cute.

Just bake it in a heart-shaped baking pan, or you could use this mold to make smaller, heart-shaped pupcakes!

Strawberry Heart Dog Treat Recipe

Strawberries are another tasty fruit for dogs that’s good for them! They’re full of antioxidants and vitamin C!

Plus, they’re so pretty, which makes them perfect for a Valentine’s Day dog treat!

Aren’t these all just the cutest Valentine’s Day treats for dogs?! Are you planning on making one for your dog this Valentine’s Day?

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