How to Ease Your Dog’s Transition To A New Environment

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Raising a puppy is a fun, exciting experience. It’s amazing to see their confidence build as they become more familiar with you and their surroundings. As they grow up, they often rely on fixed aspects of their environment. But what if you move to a new place, or you take in a rescue or foster pup?

While dogs are generally great at adapting to their environment, they can also sometimes feel a little insecure when experiencing a radically new one. Read on for some ways to help calm your dog’s anxiety and help them relax into a new place.

Set Up A Personal Space For Your Dog

One way to help make the transition to a new home is by giving your pet a space of their own. It gives them a spot to relax and feel secure. A cozy crate that your dog has already adapted to makes the changes a little easier by giving them a sense of familiarity.

Add their bed, some toys, and a cozy blanket to make it their safe spot. The crate has the added benefit of keeping them from panicking when you leave the house!

Go Back To Basics With Training

Training your pet to be comfortable in your new home is a worthwhile activity. Slowly walking them around the house, allowing them to inspect each room, and providing treats is a great way to help. For some dogs, they may struggle with doing their business in the backyard.

When we moved our pack from Puerto Rico to Alaska, we started right off the bat with positive reinforcement. Potty sessions in the corner of the yard where we wanted them to go resulted in bacon, their FAVORITE.

By being supportive and allowing them to gain that comfort, you will slowly be training them to learn and become comfortable in their new environment.

Have Playdates At Dog Daycare

Socialization is a wonderful way to help your pet adapt to new routines. Instead of leaving them at home all day while you work, consider bringing them to a dog daycare occasionally! This allows them the chance to interact with other animals and people. This is especially true if they have been raised as a solo puppy.

The next time you go on vacation and need a kennel to look after your dog, they’ll find the experience a little less traumatic. Check out our top tips to follow when boarding your dog. This could be a wonderful environment to help your pet thrive and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Have Structured Play In The New Environment

One of the best ways to settle your dog is to be present with them. Take the time to play with them, which shows them they can feel comfortable in the new space.

Structured play is also very useful when bringing a new pet into the home, moving into a new home, or introducing new people to them. Play is the main way that dogs, especially young dogs, socialize. Ensuring they have this boosts their mood, activity levels, and overall happiness. See our favorite backyard activities here.

Stick To A Regular Schedule For Your Dog

Just like how giving a dog familiarity in where they sleep or where they feel is ‘their spot,’ allowing them to settle into a routine is important.

Feeding them at the same times each day, giving them regular sleeping patterns and letting them out at similar times a day can help them feel comfortable with the flow of each day, and slowly settle into a rhythm.

Rico was a mess of a puppy until we got him on a routine, and it greatly eased his stress and anxiety. We also see improvement in his anxiety with CBD oil, which could benefit your dog as well! 

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Have you introduced your pup to a new environment? How did their transition go?

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