16 Fun Dog Holidays to Celebrate With Your Dog!

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Dog holidays are a great way to celebrate your dog and show them how much you love them. Every day is an opportunity to show our dogs how much we love them, but there are some days that are more special than others. Read on for a list of some of the most fun and interesting dog holidays!

Month-Long Dog Holidays & Events

National Train Your Dog Month In January

Loyalty, unconditional affection, and friendship all come naturally to dogs. The skills to be happy and well-behaved don’t always come quite so easy, though! Spending time with your dog while training them on vital life skills helps build your bond and teaches them valuable skills to keep them safe and happy!

The month of January is designated as National Train Your Dog Month. To commemorate the love that dog owners have for their pets, dog trainers, and canine professionals come together to share their training tips, programs, and solutions for difficult-to-train dogs.

active dog month dog holiday

Active Dog Month In April

The month of April is a great time to get your dog out and about. Explore new areas, take longer walks, and enjoy the wonderful sunshine! To get started, you only need a leash. Find fresh and inventive ways to document the good things you do with your dog.

Mental exercise is an excellent technique to exhaust your dog while also providing you and your pet with amusing companionship. Play some puzzle games with your dog to keep their mind sharp, or hide and seek with them to stimulate their other senses.

Dog House Repair Month In July

The month of July has been designated as “National Dog House Repair Month,” so now is the time to make sure your dog’s outdoor abode is up to snuff. While we fully believe dogs are meant to be inside with their families, dog houses can be a fun way to cool off while enjoying a warm summer afternoon, and can provide entertainment during the winter cold while staying protected from the elements.

National Service Dog Month In September

The month of September is designated as “National Service Dog Month,” a time to raise awareness and show appreciation for the incredible job that service dogs accomplish daily on behalf of those who need them. National Service Dog Month celebrates the contributions that service dogs have made to the quality of life and safety of countless people.

Weeklong Dog Holidays & Events

National Dog Bite Prevention Week – Second Week in April

With an estimated population of nearly 85 million dogs living in United States households, millions of people—most of them children—are bitten by dogs every year. The majority of these bites, if not all, are preventable. 

According to the AVMA, any dog has the potential to bite. For the week of April 10-16, 2022, they have designated National Dog Bite Prevention Week as a time to educate people about the dangers of dog attacks and how to avoid them.

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week – First Week in May

Anxiety affects not only humans, but all pets can be affected by it. Because they cannot communicate with us verbally, we must pay attention to their behavior to know if your dog is dealing with anxiety.

Symptoms such as whining and pacing might be caused by anxiety in dogs. Trembling, aggressiveness, accidents, and destructive behavior are just some of the other symptoms of anxiety. Depending on the severity of the anxiety, it may be immediate, such as a reaction to fireworks, or chronic, such as separation anxiety. 

As a dog mom to an anxious rescue boy, I’ve become quite experienced at managing dog anxiety, but it’s definitely an ongoing process that I adapt depending on what we’re dealing with, such as moving or going on more frequent car rides for adventures.

National Pet Week – First Week in May

No matter what’s going on in life, our pets are always ready to offer unconditional support when we need it the most. Take a moment to honor our furry family members who offer us so much and only ask for a smile and maybe a treat in return during National Pet Week, which runs the first week in May.

Celebrate your dog with some yummy dog treats, a new dog toy, or a longer walk so they can explore and sniff out all the good smells!

National Deaf Dog Awareness Week – Last Full Week in September

Did you know some breeds of dogs have deafness rates of 40 percent or more? To increase awareness for them, National Deaf Dog Awareness Week has been established. Deaf dogs often have lower adoption rates, but they are wonderful dogs that can express themselves in a variety of ways.

According to the American Society for Surgery of Animals, the number of deaf dogs has increased substantially in recent years and is now estimated to be approximately 3 million. As a result of their birth defects, many of these canines are deaf or hard of hearing.

Single Day Dog Holidays & Events

Seeing-Eye Dog Day – January 29

There is a special day set aside each year on January 29th to commemorate the contributions of seeing-eye dogs. Service canines trained to be the eyes for their blind or partially sighted owners are known as seeing-eye dogs, and the day is meant to build awareness and support for these dogs and their humans!

Sled dog holiday

Sled Dog Day – February 2

A day to honor sled dogs is observed every February 2. Dogs that have worked the hardest are honored on this day – sled dogs. Despite their size, these dogs are trained to wear harnesses and pull hefty loads in the coldest places. A stable mode of transportation in rural locations, such as the Arctic, they have been used for thousands of years and played a vital role in the 1925 diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska.

There were several crucial roles for sled dogs in a wide range of endeavors in Alaska, including exploration of Antarctica and Arctic exploration. There are also fun events celebrating sled dogs and their history, like Fur Rondy in Alaska! 

When we went to see the sled dogs after moving to Alaska, I was surprised by how normal-sized the dogs are. They were around the same size as my Rico, who is tall and skinny! 

hug your dog holiday

National Hug Your Dog – April 10

There is a day set aside specifically for us to hug our pets because they deserve all the love and affection we can give them. A hormone known as “oxytocin,” or the “cuddle hormone,” is released in both the dog and their human, as long as they are the type of dog that likes hugs. A nice squeeze not only strengthens your relationship, but it demonstrates to your dog that you love them and they are family.

National Animal Disaster Preparedness – May 14th

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day was created by the FEMA Citizen Corps. In the event of an emergency, we should always be prepared to care for our animals. Don’t forget about your pets! 

During a natural disaster, your pet may be wounded, lost, or require veterinary help. Being prepared for these types of scenarios allows one to think more clearly and calmly in the face of a real-life crisis. If you live in a location where natural catastrophes happen frequently, you need to be aware of these risks. An earthquake, hurricane, or a major snowstorm are just a few examples of the types of catastrophe that can occur.

When we experienced a 7.0 earthquake while living in Alaska, I realized how important it is to have an emergency plan. Read about our experience here!

Ugliest Dog Day – June 20

June 20 is Ugliest Dog Day, which honors dogs with faces that only a mother could love. If you ask me, is there truly a dog that doesn’t deserve to be called adorable, even the less-than-conventionally-cute dogs? On the 20th of June, we celebrate Ugliest Dog Day in their honor. Over time, this once-joking competition has evolved into a yearly event honoring the not-quite cover model dogs that share our lives.

National Mutt Day – July 31 & December 2

Every year on July 31 and on the 2nd of December, the United States celebrates National Mixed Breed Dog Day, also known as National Mutt Day. 

Mixed-breed dog lovers should take advantage of this day to recognize the special characteristics and needs of these canine companions. There are millions of mixed-breed dogs in shelters across the United States, and this day highlights the importance of supporting your local rescue.

National Dog Day – August 26

Every year on August 26th, the United States celebrates National Dog Day, a time to raise awareness of dogs and the positive influence they have on our lives. Many dog rescue groups and people concerned about the welfare of animals use this day to call attention to the issue of abandoned and abused dogs. It’s also a day to honor all of the hard-working service dogs who work tirelessly for us humans.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day – September 22

Responsible Dog Ownership Day encourages current and future pet owners to commit to being responsible for their loyal hound. Being responsible protects not only the dog but all those who may be affected by him, too. Dogs bring many benefits to our lives. Ensuring they remain healthy, happy, and safe is a vital part of our job as dog owners. 

Being a responsible dog owner includes things like regular veterinary care, ensuring your dog has proper training to keep them safe and healthy, and giving your dog the right amount of exercise, among many other aspects of pet ownership.

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