How Dog Toys Can Help Your Dog Stay Healthy

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Any dog parent knows the importance of providing plenty of toys. Like children, our pups need stimulation and a lot of play to ensure they have the best quality of life.

Why else would we invest in honking plastic pigs and squeaking hedgehogs? We do it for love! Seeing the joy and happiness on their faces is well worth every penny. Even if toys do only last for a week at most, sometimes.

Even better, there is a more beneficial side to this you may not have considered. Aside from providing fun, toys can actually help keep health issues at bay.

Given how much we love our dogs (and how much vets bills are!), it shows even more why toys are essential. Read on to find out which conditions toys like these can tackle.

Dog Toys Help Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

In general, toys are a fantastic way to keep your dog fit and healthy. Like us, dogs need movement to maintain healthy joints and bones. Staying active can also help keep them engaged mentally.

If they spend too long curled on the sofa, they could soon start to experience aches and pains. Unlike us, most dogs are also good at keeping themselves active.

Supplying plenty of toys for them to play with gives even the laziest dogs incentive to keep moving. It’s also a gentle reminder for you to get out in the yard and run around with them at least once a day.

All it takes is a pack of balls or a few chew toys. The Kong Jumbler is a favorite around here!

Dog Toys Can Lessen Anxiety

Anxiety is a severe problem for some dogs, especially when they’re left alone. For some pups out there, city life can make anxiety even worse. Anything from loud cars to the sound of a ringing phone could be enough to set some on the path to out of hand anxiety.

For others, the idea of being alone causes the issue. The moment you’re out of the house, they become a nervous wreck. Dogs are social animals, and and some need a little extra help to feel secure when home alone.

Often, an anxious dog will either bark or resort to destructive behaviors, neither of which are ideal. By investing in the right toys, you can help lessen their anxiety.

Puzzle toys are ideal for this. Treat dispensers such as the Kong work wonders, especially if your dog is food oriented. Some dogs are extreme chewers, so you should watch them with their toys before leaving them home alone.

You’ll want to make sure they aren’t too destructive with them so they don’t ingest parts of the toy. Here’s a list of some awesomely durable dog toys!

Equally, you could get something like this out as soon as you learn a thunderstorm is heading your way. If you can distract your dog before they become distressed, it helps ward off anxiety.

They may even come to associate those loud noises with good things and overcome their anxiety altogether. For more anxiety helpers, click here!

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Dental Problems Can Be Prevented With Some Dog Toys

Sadly, dental problems and dogs often come as a package. For example, poor nutrition as a puppy can have life-long effects. Some plaque is sure to build over time, which can lead to dental issues. Not only are these painful for pup, but they can also cost a small fortune in vets fees.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a perfect way to prevent teeth issues and freshen their breath. There are also tons of toys which offer plaque cleaning capabilities.

By investing in options like these Gnawtlers, you can help your dog’s teeth in a few ways. For one, chewing is fantastic for keeping gums and teeth healthy. These also have the benefit of offering natural supplies of calcium, which can strengthen and maintain tooth health.

End Loneliness With Dog Toys

Many dog owners choose to have only one dog. Often, they only have the space and money for committing to one pet. Which is wonderful that they understand their limitations and how expensive pets can be!

The trouble is, that dog then has to stay alone when we go off to work or socialize. Some dogs, like our Ginger was, are GREAT when left alone. As long as she had water and a bed, she was perfectly content. Other dogs, like our Rico, can’t handle being alone so he has his Roxy to help.

Toys can often help with loneliness, too. We’ve all seen dogs who carry their teddies around with them, haven’t we? It’s adorable, and it’s also a useful way to stave off loneliness.

If you manage to find a cuddly toy your dog falls in love with, they could enjoy many of the benefits they would if they had a real dog companion.

They’ll have something warm to snuggle up to, and even something to take out and about with them. Of course, some dogs don’t warm to teddies this way, so the puzzle toys we spoke about at the start can also distract them from their loneliness until your return.

So, who said toys were just about fun and games? It seems to us that these are an essential part of keeping your dog healthy! What type of toy is your dog’s favorite? Share in the comments below!

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