New Year’s Resolutions For Dog Owners

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As we start another new year, it is the perfect time to think about what we want to achieve during the year ahead. As a pet owner, why not consider a New Year’s resolution that is going to benefit your pup?

The extra motivation will help you both. Read on for some of our New Year’s resolutions for dog owners.

Make Next Year The Year We Get More Active

One of the most rapidly growing veterinary health issues seen is obesity.  Experts highly encourage all pet owners to spend more active time with their pets – playing, running, jumping, hiking, swimming or going for slow walks – whatever is most suitable for you and your dog.

This will not only increase health but will also help further develop the strong bond between pets and their owners, increasing everyone’s well-being.  Even your senior dog can benefit from a gentle walk.

This is what inspired us to create Active Dog Month, which occurs each April. Staying active during winter is important. Then, once spring rolls around and the warmer weather returns, it’s the perfect time to boost physical activity for both you and your pet!

Try To Cope With Losing A Pet

If your family friend passed away this year, I’m here for you. Saying goodbye to a loving member of the family is never easy, and is definitely the most difficult aspect of pet ownership. We lost our Ginger in 2017 and still miss her.

You need to give yourself time to come to terms with what has happened. Slowly the good and happy memories start to outweigh the pain.

Do something positive in their memory this year, whether it’s volunteering at a shelter, making a donation to a rescue, or fostering a pet.

Improve Your Dog’s Hygiene

Another New Year’s resolution suggestion is to commit yourself to making improvements when it comes to your dog’s hygiene.

There are so many different ways you can do this. For example, if your dog loves to swim or play in the mud, a biothane dog collar would be perfect for them.

Biothane collars are smell proof and weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about dirt soaking in or that yucky smell developing.

Committing to brushing your dog’s teeth more often is another awesome way to improve their hygiene. Plus, brushing daily can help delay or even prevent the need for a veterinary dental cleaning. This is Roxy & Rico’s favorite toothpaste, available on Amazon!

Try a New Activity With Your Dog

The fourth and final New Year’s resolution suggestion for dog owners is to try a new activity with your pet.

There are so many different ways you can incorporate your pet into your exercise sessions today, from swimming and hiking, to even trying some doga! This is a great way to get both of you out of the house while also giving you some time to bond.

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Did you set a New Year’s pet owner resolution? Share below!

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