3 Steps to Make a Move With Your Dog Easier

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Our dogs are like family, and we want them to stay happy and healthy throughout all aspects of their lives. If there comes a time when you decide to relocate, you’ll want to be sure that your pet is just as prepared as you are for this life-changing event. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help accustom your dog to the moving process as well as to the new home.

Packing with a Pup

Your dog will sense that something serious is happening once you start packing all your stuff. Keep an area for them unpacked until the last minute. Have a dog bed (or crate if your dog uses one) and a few of their favorite toys around to give them some comfort.

Along with packing your own things, you’ll want to be sure that your dog is prepared for the trip as well. Among the most important things to pack are vaccination and health records. ID tags with the new address and phone number should already be on the dog’s collar. A pet first aid kit is always a good idea. Bring some extra towels. Keep all your dog’s favorite items in a separate bag, and show your pet that it’s coming with you.

Get Them Ready for the Ride

Bring out the carrier as soon as you are ready to move. Let the pet get used to the carrier by placing food and water in it, and then get them used to eating with the door closed. Once they’re accustomed to that, you should start carrying them around the house in the carrier so they can get used to moving in it. From there, make small, safe trips with them in the car until they get used to traveling.

Adjust Your Pet to Your New Home

The most important part of acclimating your pet to the new home is to maintain normal routines. Continue to feed them at the same time every day, and use the bed they had at their old house. Show them their toys. Make their new home as similar to their old one as possible. Once you’ve done that, show them any new advantages such as a bigger backyard.

These few simple steps will help you greatly in preparing your pup for the move and keeping them safe on the journey. Proper planning and preparation can make your move easier than it otherwise would have been. Remember that you have one big advantage. Dogs are more attached to people than to places.

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