Helpful Tips to Effectively Manage Your Nervous Dog

nervous dog

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When you first get a puppy, you should know what you’re getting yourself in for. They’re either going to be bouncing all over the place, or shying away from pretty much everything.

The traits that they have as they’re younger don’t always last all the way through their life. A boisterous dog will calm down a lot as they grow older, and a nervous dog can come out of their shell as they experience new things.

However, there are some dogs out there who are naturally more nervous all of the time. Whether from negative experience as a puppy or just an inherent personality trait, some dogs struggle with being around other humans, dogs, the vet, or even car rides.

Here are a few ways to deal with your dog’s nerves, so your doggo can lead a better life!

Spend Time Training Your Dog

Just like you can get training for dogs with aggression or over-excitement issues, you can get them for those suffering with nerves. Classes can slowly introduce your dog to their fear and help you work on relaxation techniques. This way you can slowly work through the issue that they’re having.

You can start with one-on-one classes if it is other dogs that they’re afraid of or if you want a more personal experience.

It’s important to have realistic expectations for your dog. Our Rico doesn’t have a fear of other dogs or humans, but he is pretty much afraid of any time spent outside the home, which is his safe area.

When we took him to training classes, the trainer had us start by praising and treating for any time spent where he wasn’t whining. As she said, that’s a monumental task for a scared dog like Rico, and as the weeks went on, he was able to spend less time being scared and started to engage more positively!

Help Your Dog Relax

If humans are nervous, what is one of the things that so many people tell us to do? Relax. But how do you make a dog relax? Many dogs can easily calm down with food, toys, and cuddles.

If your dog is nervous around a human coming into your home, soothe them and slowly introduce them to the new person. The more people you do this with, the quicker they get over their fear.

If they’re nervous for the vets, you can get CBD pet products to help calm them down in a natural way. CBD oil is completely safe and natural to use for you with your pup. It can do them a world of good if they’re really struggling with nerves. Click here to see the best benefits of CBD oil for dogs!

Get Your Dog A Sibling

Now, this one may not be for everyone, but if your dog is frightened of pretty much everything, then they might benefit from a sibling to guide them through!

Having another dog in the home they can bond with is a great help, and the other dog can help guide them through life.

Rico often looks to Roxy to determine if a situation is scary. If she’s not nervous, then he stays calm. They’ll feel more secure and confident around the things that they were once struggling with. It also provides a constant play and snuggle buddy! However, two dogs can be a handful, so this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly!

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