Ten SUPER FUN Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday!

dog birthday party

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Birthdays are deserving of special treatment, but coming up with new, exciting ideas can be challenging. We want to make it super fun for our dogs, but don’t want to break the bank. Read on for ten fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday!

Top Birthday Basics

Bake Your Dog Cookies for a Fun Puppy First Birthday Party!

Cookies are a perfect way to start a fun day of celebrating your puppy’s first birthday, adoptiversary, or rescueversary! Yummy, healthy cookies don’t have to be difficult to make, though. Here’s a great list of easy, tasty dog treats your dog will enjoy.

In the mood to make pupcakes instead? I gotcha covered with this pupcake recipe!

Cook up a Yummy Homemade Dinner For Your Dog’s Birthday

Everyone loves a nice, home cooked dinner, including our dogs! Here’s a recipe that’s easy, fast, and tasty…from what Roxy and Rico have told me, anyway!

Treat Your Pet To A Special Pet Birthday Accessory

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! A new little accessory is sure to stand out in photos for years to come, and your fur baby will look adorable! 

Let Your Dog Open Birthday Presents

Sometimes, it’s not what’s inside that matters, but the packaging it comes in. Our Ginger always LOVED tearing wrapping paper off and running around with it. The packaging was almost more fun than the actual present! Got a heavy chewer? These durable dog toys make great birthday presents!

Have a Scavenger Hunt

This may involve a bit of training for your dog to get the hang of, but it’s a great game for hot summer afternoons or freezing winter days. Start by hiding smelly treats in plain sight then have your pup seek it out. Eventually you can hide them around the house and help them locate the treats! Just don’t forget where you’ve hidden them!

Throw a Pet Party

Some might think this one is a little extra, but hey, why not have a party in your pet’s honor? Get some pawfect little invites to send to all your furends! You can create cute bone shaped snacks for humans and pupcakes for their fur friends. It’s a great way to enjoy good company and celebrate your dog’s birthday. We would do this in Puerto Rico with Roxy’s rescued litter and it was so much fun!

Visit Their Favorite Dog Park

Does your dog have a park they LOVE to visit? Why not take them for a visit to sniff around their favorite spots? It’s a great way to burn off energy and hang with friends. 

Go on a Fun Family Hike

Head out for a fun day of exploring a new trail or lake to enjoy the day. You can even treat them to a new dog backpack, which helps give them a sense of purpose and can ease anxiety in anxious dogsSee our fave dog backpacks here!

Do Brunch at a Local Pet-Friendly Restaurant

I don’t know about you, but brunch is one of my favorite meals. Make it your pup’s favorite too by bringing them to brunch with you. GoPetFriendly.com is a fantastic resource for finding local restaurants that allow dogs. Head over there to find a great dining spot and take your pup out!

Plus…A  Helpful Suggestion: Make A Donation!

One perfect way to celebrate your pet is by giving back to those in need. If your pet was rescued, make a donation to the organization that led you to them. Learn more about our rescue experience with Puerto Rican satos like Roxy & Rico here. If you have extra time, volunteer at a local rescue/shelter. You can also save up old towels/blankets/bedding, or bring food, as those basics are always in high demand at shelters!

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How old is your pet, and how do you celebrate their birthdays? Comment below!

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